Before I came to see you, I could not fly in an airplane without pain and 3 days of "plugged" ears and using Afrin nose spray and ear plugs; when I would get hungry, I would get very short and snappy with anyone around me. I called it "hangry". And when riding my bike, especially up a steep hill or even in spin class I would completely "hit the wall" ie couldn't breathe well and my legs had no strength.

Now: my ears are amazing. I fly a lot internationally and now just use ear plugs part of the time as my ears are able to equalize the pressure. When I get hungry, I just say I need to eat something and do not get irritable. I am much improved now I recognize my fatigue earlier and stop to rest or eat something. Side note: I seem to be emotionally happier and have very little, if any, depression or feelings of panic. Also more ENERGY!

My health has always been important to me, but I began noting some changes that I couldn't explain - itchy skin, digestive issues, general fatigue. I now no longer experience itchy skin and I never complain of fatigue. Digestive issues are still present, but I've been able to cut my PPI in 1/2.

I have had acid feflux for probably 20 years which resulted in a constant increase of an acid reducer. My doc stated that until I needed more than one per day, there was no cause for concern. I disagreed but had no other options to control the minor burn in the "craw" of my throat almost every day. Since being treated with enzymes and Zypan for just a couple of months, I haven't had a Prilosec OR symptoms in probably 6 months. I called it a miracle but truly it was just helping my body do what it should be doing anyway!